ReSpire - Breath Medicine Journey


Relax, release, respire, remember, return.  Relax into the magic or your own breath. Release the mental overload. Respire and breathe freely again. Remember the divinity within you. Return to this place again and again. 
Join Karuna and I as we create a sound scape, offer guidance and hold impeccable space for a very profound personal journey. 

When: November 19, 3:30-5:30

Where: Bohemian Studios, Phinney Ridge

What is this?: A breath medicine journey - breath work is a way of yoking ourselves to a very specific and simple breath technique that offers direct access to our inner state of Divine Connection.

What can I expect?: A full-spectrum experience... some find it deeply relaxing, some find a deep release, some have a journey of visions and meaning, some feel humbled, some feel inspired and energized, some access ecstatic states. Wherever the breath work moves you, you will be changed. You will return from your journey feeling more connected to yourself, to your inner wisdom, to the Love that you hold for yourself. 

Bring: Cozy things; pillows, blankets, warm and comfy clothes. 

Karuna and I will offer direction, guidance, touch (with consent), song and sound bath to enhance your journey. 

Inaugurate Yourself!

Ground your re-solution, intention and vision for the New Year into a living reality. This class is designed to uncover the daily practices and shifts in habits necessary to manifest your 2017 dreams.

Make 2017 your best year ever. Allow January 20th to mark the beginning of your own journey into 2017; a day to CEREMONIOUSLY DEDICATE yourself to what you want to create in your life. Inaugurate Yourself!

Reya is offering this workshop/playshop to ground your NEW YEAR'S intention, vision, RE- SOLUTION, or Sankalpa into daily practices of self-care. The process will turn your ideas into action, and your vision for your year into a living reality.

We will find the ROOT of what is calling you to make a change, a shift, let go, or let in, and DISTILL that into daily practices that will allow your intention to be sustainable, PRACTICAL, and useful for you.

As we do the work around the Lunar New Year, Reya will offer a fun and inspiring process, feedback, reflection, and the body-centric wisdom of Chinese medicine, food therapy and seasonal practices appropriate for your particular vision. Her expertise in steeping practical living in spiritual living supports our capacity to THRIVE. But most of it is about finding your own answers and inspiration.

This is for you! Whether your vision is around money, love, health, creativity, or all of the above, you will get exactly what you need to make your vision a REALITY. This is a continuation of your journey to create the most SOULful life for yourself. Ideas are great; ideas that are grounded in our bodies, our daily practices and actions CREATE the life of our dreams. 



January 20, 2017

Saturn Building 3417 Evanston Ave N, Suite 410


Soul Singing in Brilliant Community with Lotus Linton-Howard

In collaboration with my mother, Lotus, we are hosting a singing circle once each month. In the spirit of community, in the spirit of songs from all over the world, we rise up together and sing our hearts out.  This is a FREE event. 

I’m very excited to recreate a very old kind of gathering in my life, and hopefully in yours. Circle singing is the elixir of the gods! I grew up singing around the campfire and the piano with my family and I always had a singing circle to begin the day in my teaching career with children. In the past, almost all religious experience was based on communal music, and we have such a rich musical history from many cultures to draw from. Today, this circular communal singing — where music is not a performance but a participatory opportunity for everyone — is coming back into our modern lives. Singing tones, and chants and rounds from many spiritual traditions that are simple to learn, beautiful, uplifting, and decidedly fun is one of my greatest joys. I believe there is nothing more inspiring than to be bathed in the sounds of human harmonies lifted in love and praise of the beauties of creation. All are welcome, even those who think of themselves as tone-deaf. The group will carry you. You don’t have to consider yourself a singer…you just are, because you are human! Please join me on the third Friday evenings in the months of November and of December for our first Soul Singing gatherings.
— Lotus Linton-Howard

PLACE: Saturn Building, 3417 Evanston Ave North, Suite 410, Seattle  98103  

TIME: Friday November 18th, 7pm AND Friday December 16th, 7pm

Suggested donation of 5-10 bucks to help pay for the space. Bring a chair or cushion.