hi, I’m Reya


:: MY STORY ::

“It was more than living off of the land, I remember it as living *with* the land. I recognized the relationships between things, and that the medicine of our lives, the healing, the flourishing, as dependent on these relationships.

I am Reya Born; Acupuncturist, herbalist, author, food-grower, game-changer, way-shower, visionary and Earth advocate.

I am a nature girl whose up-bringing gave me the skills and knowledge to thrive.

My parents, Gary and Lotus, radical, deeply intellectual hippies, joined the back-to-the-land-movement of the early 70's. My brother, Benjie, and I were raised in the foothills of the North Cascades, in the middle of nowhere, but it was everywhere to us. We built our home, grew our food, raised chickens, chopped our wood, and, with no plumbing we carried our water up from the creek. We were living on a shoestring, but we were thriving, flourishing from the deep roots of connection to place. 

It was more than living off of the land, I remember it as living *with* the land. I recognized the connections between things, and that the medicine of our lives, the healing, the flourishing, as dependent on these relationships. At an early age I learned that I was a part of a greater network of life. I developed a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of that which grew from the land—huckleberry, cedar, sword fern, and that which passed through—water, coyote, bear. These visceral feelings of where things come from and ultimately where they go still beats through the fabric of my being.

As we all are, I was born belonging to this Earth, I simply chose to remember. As a kid I was grounded, confident, and fierce. I played rough. I acted tough. I also talked to imaginary fairies and wore tutus while climbing trees. I do not see my childhood as idyllic, I remember it as a practical, hearty experience that created a cultural context for my life based on connection and relationship. It was medicine for my Soul. It was Brilliant Medicine.



I offer medical treatments and healing technologies, both scientific and mystical, that match my passion for the contextual.

The theme of my life has been a dedicated study of spirituality and mysticism, focussed on how we apply what we find to our lives. In a question, how does spirituality—the mystery, the divine—become a human experience? How does it become the context, the fabric of our lives? I live this question, breath it, script it, share it, embody it.

Having studied science, math, and ecology, while simultaneously studying ritual and alchemy led me to believe there was a connection between it all—I knew this in my bones. And as the interconnectedness became clear, the veil separating science and spirituality thinned to transparency, and the path I had chosen to become a doctor began to evolve. 

I recognized that it is connection that binds things to become powerful, intelligent, Brilliant.

Doctors, specifically Western doctors, are notorious for separating symptom from patient, treating only the symptom and not the patient as a whole being of interconnected mind, body, emotion, soul, environment. The contradiction of this path lies in separating our ingredients in the hopes of putting them back together perfectly.  As a result, I turned towards East Asian Medicine. It is science and spirit all in one philosophy and practice. It is a practical practice. If I could practice medicine and remain true to my contextual nature, that would be Brilliant.

Brilliant Medicine sees and treats us as whole beings with deep relationships to our environment. We are intricately connected to the seasons, the cosmos, to each other. We are our body, our mind, and our spirit; we cannot treat one with out effecting the other. You see, our symptoms and health problems are, quite simply, a complex response to shifts in the relationship between the intricacies. It’s a practical, yet sophisticated medicine based on a high intelligence of seeing the interconnectedness of all things.

I became a Practitioner of Chinese or East Asian Medicine because of practicality. I yearned for hands-on medicine, a technology to shift people because the medicine is contextual, holistic, practical, and practically magical.

Brilliant Medicine happens in your context, and I am part of that context. It is a dance between practical and mystical. I cannot deny that young, nature-loving girl in me whose very being is interwoven from this planet. My deep-rooted interconnectedness well-equips me to utilize natural therapies, plant medicine, and healing technologies that work in harmony with your body.

Please send me a message, and let’s begin your journey to the most brilliant you!

You deserve it!

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Health Ecology
  • Master’s Degree: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Nationally Certified Master Herbalist
The science and art of healing is a natural extension of who Reya is. It is an expression of her mind and heart. Due to this relationship, my focus and dependence on western medicine has radically changed and I have taken control of my health.
— W.P, Seattle, WA