We are the Medicine. We are the Medicine People.

Medicine is the treatment, the remedy, the cure. Medicine is the solution. Medicine is the dream and the vision.

Just like the potent plants that come from the Earth and offer their medicine to us, so do we become the potent remedy for our own imbalance, disharmony, dis-ease, in our selves, in our communities, in our world. We are the Medicine. 

In order to treat what ails us, it is necessary to understand the imbalance, the underlying causal factors. But the medicine lies in focusing on the solution. The medicine is the wisdom that guides us to the solution. We do not reside in, and stay focused on the problem. We do not resist it. For what we resist, persists. It is a Universal Law. We focus on what we don't want... we get what we don't want. We focus on what we do want, we focus on the healing, the dream, the vision... we create that into reality. We are the medicine. We are the cure. 

For a successful outcome, as global indigenous humans, we focus on the medicine that will continue to benefit many generations to come. We focus on the medicine that will help all life. Our dream is a life-enhancing, a co-creating, a love-evolving dream, where our children's children drink fresh water from the rivers, breathe clean air into their lungs, eat foods full of vitality and nutrients, know themselves, know their own power and the power of their community to live in harmony with nature and the natural cycles. We dream this dream, we create this vision, and we take action in accordance with the dream. Our dream is the medicine. Our action is the medicine.

Our action, our voice, our music, our wisdom, our genius, our mastery, our art, our yoga, our gifts, our light, our song, our courage, our work... this is the medicine. We are the healers and the midwives to the birthing of a most beautiful world. As many of you know, birth is messy, painful business and we are in the throes of labor at this time. We are not afraid because we know there is a reason for the messiness. We do not freak-out, because we are wise, we are connected to the larger cycles, we are grounded through our practices, and we know that our steadiness, our staying true to course, our powerful connection to Nature, our love for all of humanity is what is needed. We know and trust that we have the medicine.

We know and trust that we have the collective medicine as a diverse and powerful community of Love-centric, earth-centric, body-centric, heart-centric, life-centric, choice-centric, freedom-centric individuals. This is why we are here. To be mid-wives to the birthing... to be the Medicine. To be the living, walking, breathing remedy.