Creating Space for Grace

Inspired by reading the Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

Inspired by reading the Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

The importance of a personal practice like yoga, meditation, breath, Qi Gong, or any gentle discipline that allows for us to turn within, be quiet, and make space for grace "will significantly upgrade our relationship with life." Sophia Code. These practices are the medicine soothing the pain and suffering that stem from believing we are separate from God, Source, Grace, Nature, Creation. For when we quiet our busy minds, turn within and pay attention, we find what we have been looking for all along. We are divine, we are wise, we are connected to the power that creates worlds. We create Space and we find Grace. 

Why does this matter? Why would we want to "upgrade" our relationship with life?

On a very personal level, when we create space for grace, we create space within our form for our Soul or Higher Self to take up residence and live through us. When we live a Soulful life we live a meaningful life where we have direct access to our divinity and centers of deep wisdom and knowing. Why is this useful? Because from this place of space arise the answers and solutions to life's challenges. From this space arise the meaning behind our challenges and difficulties. We begin to trust ourselves and consistently turn within for what we have been looking for outside of ourselves. It is simple, but not necessarily easy, for we are so practiced at looking for our answers outside of ourselves, we need our personal consistent daily practices to retrain ourselves to look within. And once we start doing this, we are able to release the struggle and suffering... for we see the meaning beneath our challenges, we recognize the reasons for our obstacles, we begin to navigate our life from the richness that comes from the meaning. This is a significant upgrade to our operating system. 

This starts with practice; the practice of creating space for breath and meditation.

We quiet our minds and begin to look within. We start by noticing what is there. We breathe. We use the breath and awareness to create space within us. To notice that there is something other than form within. That we are more space then matter. We increase our awareness of the space that is within. We start to feel the texture of the space, and recognize the resonance of the space as the voice of our Soul, the aspect of our Self that is intricately connected to all of Creation. The voice that has been singing us all along.

When Einstein said that our problems cannot be solved at the level at which they were created... I think of creating space for grace. And there are two ways to explain this. The first is that if our personal problems and struggles are created from a mindset that life is happening outside of us, that God is outside of us, that all our answers are outside of us, that what we ultimately long for is outside of us, then the level at which we solve our problems needs to come from a knowing, through practice, that we have everything we need within. The second is that if we feel that only matter is real, then life is thick, sticky and difficult. Then the level at which we solve our problems comes from the awareness of the vast amounts of space between matter, the space where grace resides, and from this place,  life becomes very spacious and seemingly effortless. 

Now this is where it gets really interesting. Dr. Joe Dispenza ( says that "science is the contemporary language of mysticism". And science has proven that we are more space then matter. And this is true of our entire physical reality. At the atomic level, the space between particles (matter) is immense. And when we move to the quantum level, it is all space, and even the particles do not always act like matter. At the quantum level, things shift and move very rapidly. At the physical level of matter that we think we operate in, things move very slowly. This is where Newtonian laws like: "for every action there is an a equal and opposite reaction" make change seem quiet difficult. At the quantum level, Newtonian laws do not apply... so change can be quiet effortless. What does this mean for us? It means that the more we increase awareness of the space within us, the more we begin to participate in the quantum level, the more effortless our lives, our shifts, our actions become. The changes we want to make, the things we want to create and manifest in our lives become more effortless. We don't feel like we are moving through thick mud to create shifts in our lives and even to create the world of our dreams. 

On a personal level, this is why creating space for grace can upgrade our relationship with life.

On a global level, "humanity is ready for the spaciousness of grace. Grace knows how to end wars that humanity does not know how to end. Grace knows how to be at peace when humanity does not know how to be at peach with itself. Grace knows how to forgive what feels unforgivable. Grace also know how to love what feels unlovable." The Sophia Code.  And with the power that creates worlds within us, and the power to create the world of our dreams through the effortless and ease-full dimensions of the Grace within, we become the ones we have been waiting for. 

We could hold a visions for ourselves and the world and believe that we need to move mountains to do it, or we can hold the same vision while operating from the space of grace within and watch it unfold like a blooming rose. It is a shift in awareness that comes from being deeply steeped in our own personal practice. 

We shift our operating system from matter to space, from externally driven to internally nourished, from the Newtonian to the quantum, from form to formless... and we begin to create miracles in our lives. If we are going to create a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and humanity, we need access to this space of grace.