Creating Space for Grace

Inspired by reading the Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

Inspired by reading the Sophia Code by Kaia Ra

The importance of a personal practice like yoga, meditation, breath, Qi Gong, or any gentle discipline that allows for us to turn within, be quiet, and make space for grace "will significantly upgrade our relationship with life." Sophia Code. These practices are the medicine soothing the pain and suffering that stem from believing we are separate from God, Source, Grace, Nature, Creation. For when we quiet our busy minds, turn within and pay attention, we find what we have been looking for all along. We are divine, we are wise, we are connected to the power that creates worlds. We create Space and we find Grace. 

Why does this matter? Why would we want to "upgrade" our relationship with life?

On a very personal level, when we create space for grace, we create space within our form for our Soul or Higher Self to take up residence and live through us. When we live a Soulful life we live a meaningful life where we have direct access to our divinity and centers of deep wisdom and knowing. Why is this useful? Because from this place of space arise the answers and solutions to life's challenges. From this space arise the meaning behind our challenges and difficulties. We begin to trust ourselves and consistently turn within for what we have been looking for outside of ourselves. It is simple, but not necessarily easy, for we are so practiced at looking for our answers outside of ourselves, we need our personal consistent daily practices to retrain ourselves to look within. And once we start doing this, we are able to release the struggle and suffering... for we see the meaning beneath our challenges, we recognize the reasons for our obstacles, we begin to navigate our life from the richness that comes from the meaning. This is a significant upgrade to our operating system. 

This starts with practice; the practice of creating space for breath and meditation.

We quiet our minds and begin to look within. We start by noticing what is there. We breathe. We use the breath and awareness to create space within us. To notice that there is something other than form within. That we are more space then matter. We increase our awareness of the space that is within. We start to feel the texture of the space, and recognize the resonance of the space as the voice of our Soul, the aspect of our Self that is intricately connected to all of Creation. The voice that has been singing us all along.

When Einstein said that our problems cannot be solved at the level at which they were created... I think of creating space for grace. And there are two ways to explain this. The first is that if our personal problems and struggles are created from a mindset that life is happening outside of us, that God is outside of us, that all our answers are outside of us, that what we ultimately long for is outside of us, then the level at which we solve our problems needs to come from a knowing, through practice, that we have everything we need within. The second is that if we feel that only matter is real, then life is thick, sticky and difficult. Then the level at which we solve our problems comes from the awareness of the vast amounts of space between matter, the space where grace resides, and from this place,  life becomes very spacious and seemingly effortless. 

Now this is where it gets really interesting. Dr. Joe Dispenza ( says that "science is the contemporary language of mysticism". And science has proven that we are more space then matter. And this is true of our entire physical reality. At the atomic level, the space between particles (matter) is immense. And when we move to the quantum level, it is all space, and even the particles do not always act like matter. At the quantum level, things shift and move very rapidly. At the physical level of matter that we think we operate in, things move very slowly. This is where Newtonian laws like: "for every action there is an a equal and opposite reaction" make change seem quiet difficult. At the quantum level, Newtonian laws do not apply... so change can be quiet effortless. What does this mean for us? It means that the more we increase awareness of the space within us, the more we begin to participate in the quantum level, the more effortless our lives, our shifts, our actions become. The changes we want to make, the things we want to create and manifest in our lives become more effortless. We don't feel like we are moving through thick mud to create shifts in our lives and even to create the world of our dreams. 

On a personal level, this is why creating space for grace can upgrade our relationship with life.

On a global level, "humanity is ready for the spaciousness of grace. Grace knows how to end wars that humanity does not know how to end. Grace knows how to be at peace when humanity does not know how to be at peach with itself. Grace knows how to forgive what feels unforgivable. Grace also know how to love what feels unlovable." The Sophia Code.  And with the power that creates worlds within us, and the power to create the world of our dreams through the effortless and ease-full dimensions of the Grace within, we become the ones we have been waiting for. 

We could hold a visions for ourselves and the world and believe that we need to move mountains to do it, or we can hold the same vision while operating from the space of grace within and watch it unfold like a blooming rose. It is a shift in awareness that comes from being deeply steeped in our own personal practice. 

We shift our operating system from matter to space, from externally driven to internally nourished, from the Newtonian to the quantum, from form to formless... and we begin to create miracles in our lives. If we are going to create a sustainable future for ourselves, our children and humanity, we need access to this space of grace.



What is Personal Sovereignty and How Do I Get Me Some of That? 4 Unique Ways to Access your autonomy.

"As Sovereign beings, we come into community in more authentic ways and therefore have the increased capacity to engage in deep and meaningful relationships."   -Reya

"As Sovereign beings, we come into community in more authentic ways and therefore have the increased capacity to engage in deep and meaningful relationships."   -Reya

I’ve been reading and hearing the word “Sovereignty” a lot lately. It seems we humans are pulling this word, “Sovereignty,” back into our vernacular vocabulary. I read this word in books. I hear it spoken among friends and my heart lights up making me curious. Because I like to use words that have substance behind them, words whose meaning I understand, I have been investigating the significance and meaning of “Sovereignty” and why it is returning to colloquial conversations. This is no longer a word sequestered to governmental or political use. It is speaking to those of us riding this huge wave of personal transformation, social awakening and global evolution. A wave that, quite frankly, politics will never catch up with. This word "Sovereignty" is speaking out loud at an exponential rate. How can we understand it in a way that serves our higher purpose and the greater good of all? What is this word seeding within us? How do words like “Sovereignty” become of practical, spiritual use to us?

The word “Sovereignty” itself means: Autonomy, independence, self-government, self-rule, home rule, self-determination, freedom or: Supreme "power" or independent authority.

In order to help us further understand “Sovereignty,” let’s also look at the word "power": There is a power cycle that has been in place on this planet for eons. It is a power-over others, power-under others dynamic. Personal Sovereignty is our hall pass out of the power cycle. When we believe in our own Sovereignty, we disengage with the wheel of oppressor and oppressed, of victim and perpetrator. Our Sovereign place is right in the middle of the wheel of our lives, at the hub of our experience. This is the place where we understand the meaning of “power-with.” Here is where we claim our own power over our own lives and allow others the right to do the same. This is a place where we put no one above us or below us. Here we are free of the relentless cycling of the power wheel around us. This hub is centered, calm, and sturdy. This is a place of true, authentic, and self-generated power. This is our throne of Sovereignty.

To be at the hub; to be a Sovereign Self… we stand in the strength of 4 following responsibilities, which are choices we intentionally make: 

We Create Our Own Access to the Meaning Fields

There are two aspects to our reality that I want to talk about. The surface of things and what I call the Meaning Field which is behind or underneath the surface. These two aspects are present in everything that has to do with our human life. A book is a great example. The book, the pages, the words, the story is the surface. The imagery, the visions in our mind and the emotions elicited when reading the story compose the Meaning Field. Our 5 senses pick up on things at the surface, this is information for us. Our emotional response to the information is the Meaning Field. We watch a sunset, we see the colors, we have a "surface" experience with it (snap a photo and walk away), or we may allow ourselves to have a deep feeling experience with the miracle that is the sunset. What we choose and whether we grasp the meaning of the feelings is circumstantial and up to us. Either way, our feeling response to everything is our initial interaction with the Meaning Fields. 

Many people do not engage with the Meaning Field at all. That is fine. This is taking life at face value. And there are those who are deep divers, like me. The depth and meaning behind the things I see, feel, hear, IS the juiciness and beauty of my life.  Without life becomes flat, lusterless, even depressing. 

I use presence and curiosity to access the Meaning Fields – what am I feeling? What does this mean? What is this sensation? What is in this that I need to know?

Our participation with the Meaning Field releases us from the cycles of power. How? For one, without the depth and richness of the Meaning Fields, we continue to seek outside of ourselves for fulfillment. Looking good, having much, accomplishing great things for the sake of our self worth. This is a relinquishment of our power. We give our power away, in the hope that something outside of us will fulfill us. In this we participate in the cycling and the outside edge of the wheel of power. Also, in the Meaning Fields we have access to our own answers, our own divine knowing, and the lessons behind our challenges. This releases us from victimhood or being pushed around by life. This intelligence transforms the struggle, the suffering, the pain into the challenge, the lesson, the opportunity for growth. This puts us at the hub; the drivers seat of our own vehicle for evolution. Where are you choosing to go?

We Realize We Are Each An Island Unto Ourself

The experiences of feeling Complete... Worthy... Belonging... from within ourselves, are the benefits of creating our own access to the Meaning Fields. We understand that we are a unique and amazing part of the richness of life. We realize that we have the capacity to pick up on and learn from the communication systems that all created forms of life – the earth, our bodies, the animals, the stars – are participating in from underneath the surface of things. 

When we are at our hub, we are Sovereign and free unto ourselves, yet remarkably interconnected and interdependent with all of life. This state of mind and heart comes with the recognition that we are never separate from our inner divinity, regardless of our human circumstances. It is in this recognition, this re-wiring of our beliefs and our purpose, that we remember our divine Sovereignty. For if we are never separate from the force of creation, then how can anyone control us? We are an island unto ourselves. 

As an island, we are nestled within the great ocean of divine love and the global community around us. The Love of the Universe is constantly lapping at our shores. We are sustained and fulfilled... At one level we have clear distinctions between Self and Other and at another level, we are dancing in the Oneness, or the ocean of being-ness within which we reside. We have the intelligence, the deep knowing from the Meaning Fields of our own Soul to be able to hold all of this as true. And ironically, as Sovereign beings, we come into community in more authentic ways and therefore have the increased capacity to engage in deep and meaningful relationships. We were made for this. Are you in?

We Recognize Our Innate Authority

We are each the author of our own life; the creator of our own reality. As islands of Sovereignty unto ourselves, we recognize that each of us, alone, must take responsibility for ourselves. We accept the fact that by our beliefs, our thoughts, our intentions and our feelings, we create our own reality. And this deep visceral knowing allows us to disengage form the cycles of power, and the shame and blame games that would keep us there. We create our reality through the things we choose to keep our focus upon. This comes with great responsibility. The ability to respond to the life we are creating. No one else is responsible for how we feel, our state of being, what is happening to us. Ultimately, it is each of us that chooses what our reality is going to be. 

We are responsible for our own beliefs, our words, our own emotions, our own actions. These create the world around us. So we take back our power, extract ourselves from the cycle and place ourselves on the throne, at the hub of the wheel of our own life. There is no They. No one is coming to save us. The government will not do it. The angels. The aliens. We are the ones we have been waiting for. And we need to be on our own thrones to do our own work that is ours to do. We are the authors of this life of ours. What are you choosing to write?

We Choose Love over Fear

Fear perpetuates the power cycle. Fear keeps us vulnerable and controllable. The entire cycle is fueled by fear-- the fear of losing control, the fear of being controlled. Mainstream media and societal laws are designed by intent to perpetuate fear and therefore keep the power cycle in tact. Choose Love. Choose other ways of accessing the information that you feel that you need. Turn off the television! It is designed to control you (or at least watch it with this awareness). We have the power to choose Love in every moment.

You cannot hold Love and fear in your body at the same time. Love is the balm. Love is all we need. Love will find a way. Love is our medicine. Love is our sovereignty. Love is our freedom. Initially it sounds idealistic and possibly sophomoric to say this. But the more of our own intelligence we use to truly investigate the frequency of Love, the more we come into alignment with it as a powerful, fierce and dynamic force. It is not all fuzzy kittens and unicorns. Love is momma tiger killing to protect her cubs. Love is the power of Pele, the fire goddess of Hawaii, creating new earth. Love is a woman lifting a car to save her child. Love is strength. Love is power-with. Love is the hub. It is the center of everything; the creative force of the Universe. When we are in alignment with that force, we are unstoppable, un-controllable, Sovereign. What do you choose?

In Love,



A Practical Journey to the 5th Dimension. Part II

Let's return to our journey through the 5 Dimensions....

There are a couple things to keep in mind, heart, body while reading: The first is that all the dimension are right here right now. The second is that there is no hierarchical order to the dimensions nor an inherent value differential. They are all of equal importance and they are the cogs in the wheels of the inner workings of the Universe.

5D is the land of depth and breadth of life, of meaning and richness, of etheric and energetic blueprints, of mystery and miracles.

5D is right here here right now... accessible. We access 5D when we expand the sensory gating that we learned in 3D. There is more to our reality than than what is on the surface of things. We start to expand what we previously believed as real or not real, as possible or not possible, as good or bad. We expand our beliefs about reality and we expand our agreement field into 5D. Remembering that 1D is the vertical axis of the world of matter, and 3D is the horizontal plane. 5D is both the vertical AND the horizontal. When we are conscious of both and utilize the horizontal and vertical alignments with our place in the world/universe, we resonate with the 5th Dimension. 5D is a rich reality of depth of meaning(vertical), and connection to others (horizontal) where we literally ground heaven on earth. We allow spirit to live through us as us in these bodies. We connect to the earth and the sky, to self on others, to the meaning fields beneath the surface of the things. This is the land of heart based consciousness, self-love, self-compassion, magic and miracles. And it is truly right here right now. We pivot from our thinking mind to our feeling self and we enter the gates of 5D.

5D is the land of form and formless. In 3D, we are very aware of form and matter. It is a "have to see it to believe it" and a "I have stuff therefore I am" kind of reality. In 5D we become much more interested in the formless, the energetic or more etheric aspects of reality. We feel what is real and know it to be true for us. We pick up on the sensations within and around form. Form is 'informed' by the formless, so we start to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the Universe and this increases our intelligence and allows us to move out of our infatuation with the dualistic surface of things. You will see...

Engaging with depth and meaning blows our preconceived notions of good and bad or right and wrong out of the water. We see that there is more than good and bad, right and wrong. We start opertatiing in the Dao, which is the middle-ground between the opposites of duality. 

Let's say something 'bad' happens to us... when we engage with meaning, we recognize that that thing that happened was not actually bad, not necessarily good either, but there is so much more depth to the experience, there is more dimensionality to it. The experience had some aspect of meaning to it, whether we understand it or not. Either way, simply knowing there is more dimensionality to our reality changes things dramatically.

This is the land of 5D. It is not a surface experience, it is an experience of the mystery and depth and richness of life.

 In any moment we can move from our surface experience (3D) to our deep experience of meaning (5D). It is really that simple. 

There are skills we all use to do this; like awareness, self-responsibility, curiosity... many of which I present in detail in my book The Thrival Guide... coming soon. And the more and more we use our skills, the more and more we live in 5D. Actually when we do this... the more and more we ground 5D into the agreement field and grid of the planet. So it is useful for us and for the whole world.  What is the reason for doing this? Why do we want to shift our life experience to 5D? Because 5D as a meaning field is where we gather the solutions. 3D problems cannot be solved from 3D thinking. 

In 5D we use a our ordinary 5 senses to gather information AND we use our extra-ordinary sense which is our feeling sense. This sense is only accessed when we move beyond the surface of things. Feelings are below our emotions. Our emotions are flags at the surface saying "hello... there is something down here that means something". 

Let's say you are having an argument and your anger triggers. Nothing wrong with this... this is great... but the solution is not to solve the argument with anger. Let the anger guide you deeper into the feeling sense or knowing that is under the emotion. This is where you find the solution. It may take a few moments or a few days... but the action must come from the deeper feeling place... otherwise the same emotion will be triggered by life over and over until you look deeper. 

This is the experience of reliving day one of class over and over and only getting the syllabus. Why does this keep happening to me? 

Our feeling sense IS our intelligence that comes from our multidimensional capacities, our understanding of the energetic realities.  Broader view, bigger visions, deeper perception, contextual understanding, these are both the doorway into and the gifts from 5D. 

Entering 5D is entering the Golden Age of Miracles. Sounds fantastical. But 5D is not only the land of white light, unicorns, and rainbows. And just like all the dimensions, everything exist here. 5D is just not as dense as 3D... things happen faster... things seems magical... even the darkness or the shadow, or your habits or places of holding surface faster if they need to be looked at. It is a land where you really need your skills. 

There are places where the agreement field is already in 5D, around the world, in small villages, in pockets of society, at transformational festivals. Besides my own personal frequent and daily jaunts into 5D, I have close circles of friends where we enter together immediately with our expanded perspective, I have felt it most strongly in Bali, and that was 20 years ago before 5D really started grounding around us on this planets. But there is something about the indigenous cultural agreements that I experienced in Bali, in aboriginal Australia and in Africa as well, that make 5D and the realm of miracles more accessible. 

Let's break this down... miracles... what does this mean? It simply means that things happen that are outside of the box, they are mind-blowing because they increase the parameters of what we think is possible. This is the golden aspect of 5D. Things happen faster; healing, creative projects, shifts in consciousness, fulfillment of our visions, because we are operating not at the level of form, but at the level behind the scenes with the formless. It is so much easier to move energy than it is to move mass. This is why it feels magical at first. The kicker is... once your perspective is fundamentally 5D, the miracles aren't really seen as miracles any more... they make sense... because we know how things work.

Here I must go into the Internet to 'prove' my point. The Internet is wonderful! It is a miracle... right? Well... it seems like it, but it is actually a primitive example of how the Golden Age of Miracles actually works, how the energetic grids and webs already connect us. 

“Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding.”
— Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

You see, as multidimensional beings, we already have access to all the information there ever was, we have the tools within us, we can transcend space and time, and communicate across vast distances, we have the technology within us. Sounds fantastical... right? The Internet is formless, it is a perfect example of how the formless determines form, how we can communicate across great distances, how we have the world at our fingertips. We use Internet technology, we allow it to use us at times, we are using it as a crutch until we get our legs back. We will eventually cast it aside, for a leg is so much more useful then a crutch. Do you ever think about someone and in that moment they call? This is a very simple example of how the Web, the Web of life really works. We are all connected. We have access to everything we need. We won't need to ask Siri anymore. We need to flex our muscles and get our walking legs back. 

When our intelligence lights up from deeper engagement with 5D... the game is on. The SynchroniciTeas abound. As I mentioned before, accessibility is enhanced in certain places on the planet, in certain groups and agreement fields. At Burning Man, the 5D agreement field is locked and loaded. Consistent practice over years and years in the same geolocation has locked the 5D grid into 3D. It is a consistent and relentless experience of miracles. 

I am standing on the playa alone thinking about Pharaohs... why Pharaohs?.. then 8 of them, not 1 or 2, but 8 of them fly by on hover boards shaped like surfboards, their capes flapping in the wind. 
I am walking down a dusty street feeling hot and and I dream of ice-cream... why ice-cream?.. I never think about ice-cream... a man in a purple bunny suit offers me a fresh and very cold chocolate chip mint ice-cream cone. 

These experiences don't mean anything if we cannot bring them back and ground them into our living reality as well. We enter new agreement fields to shift our beliefs about what we think is possible and what is not. The more we do this... the more we open ourselves to miracles and the dimension of 5.

5D is not as dense as 3D. 1D, as the iron core of the planet, is really dense... remember. And density decreases as we move out from the core of the Earth. So in 5D, as we engage with the energetic, formless, things happen faster. We don't feel oppressed by life... we feel like we are dancing with life. Our thoughts become reality. Our dreams become real. Our visions materialize. How fast could our solutions that come from the depth and meaning of 5D take hold on Earth? 

Creating an intelligent relationship with 5D is crucial to our survival here.

This is why we develop our tools, get our walking legs back, expand our awareness, get curious, engage with the deeper meaning layers of life. In 5D we truly live into the reality of the promise of our survival, we also dream alive our thriving in a Golden Age of Miracles. Free your mind and the rest will follow. 

Thank you for journeying through the 5 Dimensions with me... 

I am eager to entertain your comments....