What Is The Body Intelligence Project?


Body Intelligence Project is a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed treatment.

2 experienced practitioners + 2 ancient modalities =

1 vital/healthy/ready YOU 

With over 40 years combined experience in East Asian and Western Medicine, Reya and Debbie now offer this beautifully crafted treatment. They put all of their hands-on experience and intelligence together into one potent package - providing you with the best possible outcome.

“It’s such a GRACEFUL combination of two beautiful PRACTITIONERS sharing their synchronized expertise. I felt heard, cared for and transformed.”
— Receiver of BIP


Our vital energy comes from our CENTER. Our digestive organs break down our food into the energy our body needs to heal, function, move, repair, think, and not only live, but truly feel alive.  

Just as we must be able to digest our food to extract nourishment from it, the same is true of our experiences and emotions.  If we don't fully 'digest' negative emotions and experiences, we can get stuck living in cycles of regret, stress, fear, resentment, and worry.  Being stuck in these cycles exhausts our energy reserves, leaving us feeling fatigued, heavy, unmotivated. 

When our digestive CENTER is in good health, we experience...

    •    elevated moods •    deep sleep  •    less food sensitivities •    no allergies •    clear skin •    healthy nails and hair •    less illness and infection •    feeling great after eating •    appropriate appetite •    minimal cravings •    regular and complete bowel movements •    release of pounds •    healthy sex drive •    more energy!

This year, with Body Intelligence Project, you can transform your stress, just like you transform your food, into vitality and a sense of well-being.  You can live your life and do your work in the world feeling CENTERED from the core of your body's intelligence.



What if I am self-conscious of my belly and don’t like it being touched?

Then you are in good company!  Many of us are self-conscious of our bellies because of all of the negative messages we have received from our culture and our society.  And, it is perfectly normal to be protective of our bellies and feel vulnerable when they are exposed.  We store negative emotions in our bellies and this is precisely why it is important to have tension released from this area.

Reya and Debbie have both worked with people of all shapes, sizes, colors and conditions.  We will treat your belly and your whole being with the utmost respect and sensitivity.  We will co-create with you an experience where you feel safe, honored and nurtured and one that we hope will leave you with a greater capacity to love and accept all parts of yourself.  And we promise that you will feel differently about your belly after BIP.

How will I benefit from this treatment or this series?

Chi Ne Tsang and Acupuncture will release tension and help to transform negative emotions so that your energy and vitality are liberated.  This increased energy flow can improve digestion and elimination, create an experience of more balanced emotions and a greater sense of connection to and comfort in your body. The treatments allow your awareness to drop down from your head to rest in your heart and belly connecting you to your source of power and vitality. You heal from the CENTER outward, setting yourself up for a successful and vital year. 

Why is it called “Body Intelligence Project? 

Through BIP, Reya and Debbie utilize the ancient, time-tested treatments of Chi Ne Tsang, organ detox massage, with Acupuncture to release blocked, congested energy, and transform stress, tension and negative emotions. This unique combination of therapies creates a deep healing by cleansing your system, releases what we call “the interference” that keeps us from hearing our body’s own intelligence and guidance.  There is so much intelligence in our gut. Science is now catching up to the ancient knowledge about the gut brain, and the neurology in our Center that effects all other systems. Do you ever have a gut feeling? This is the intelligence of your body coming through. 

What are people saying about BIP?

Many of our participants experience clear shifts in their health directly related to the Body Intelligence Series (Triple Treatment). But even one combination treatment can be very effective. 

”The Body Intelligence Project was a delicious journey back home to my core. Truly home. I felt immediate trust with Reya and Debbie to drop deep into myself and redirect my focus, decisions and perception from outward-to-inward to inward-to-outward orientation, which increased my presence and confidence and ease. I became even more intimate with myself, my relationships and the world because of BIP's invitation to slow down and savor the precious moments.”

“Through the Body Intelligence Project, I learned that my home is in my gut. And to honor, respect and celebrate its natural rhythms and needs. Thank you both for this transformational in-sperience.”

Why am I tired and wired?

Self Remedies for Feeling Stressed

Self Remedies for Feeling Stressed

Its called stress. And I know that just saying that can make us feel even more stressed. So I will cut to the chase and offer some very potent things you can do on a daily basis to lower the amount of cortisol running through your system. Cortisol is one of the main stress hormones, liberated into the blood stream to prepare the body for fight or flight. But we don’t actually need to be in fight or flight all day long. Constant stressors and our reaction to those stressors, and our mind keeping stressors in our awareness all maintain high levels of cortisol flushing our body. This bath in stress hormones leads to many symptoms, like being wired and tired. And is the #1 cause of aging and hormone imbalance. There isn’t anything that I treat that is not in some way connected to the stress of living. See more in my notes below. 

The good news is that you can do something about it. Actually, many things: 

I share the following tips with you, most come directly from Dr. Sara Gottfreid, in her Podcast “7 Ways to Rock Cortisol”, and I have added my own flare.

7 TIP top Tips to minimize the effects of stress

#1 - Breathe

5 minutes of conscious breath practice per day will balance your sympathetic or fight or flight nervous system and lower cortisol levels. 

Alternate nostril breathing or Nadi Shodhana: https://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/ayurvedic-living/living-ayurveda/yoga/nadi-shodhana-pranayama/


Simply take 5 minutes to sit in silence and take deep, even, conscious breaths. 

#2 - Drink

Dr. Sara’s favorite cocktail for lowering stress hormones is:

Tulsi tea


Omega 3’s

Happy Hour for Healthy Bodies!!!

FYI: wine and alcohol increase cortisol in the blood

#3 Hug

8 hugs per day keep the doctor away.

Long delicious heart to heart hugs. Hug a dog, cat, tree, person. But get 8 in per day. At least.

#4 Orgasm

Not the quick sneeze kind of orgasm. But long and wonderful bath in orgasmic energy is the best medicine. Check out OMing: https://www.onetaste.us/what-is-om/

#5 Sleep

Sleep is the BEST medicine. Deep sleep is our regenerative time, when our body does all the repair it needs. The potent hours are between 10pm and Midnight, so don’t miss them. Check out my article on Sleep Hygeine: http://www.brilliantmedicine.co/questions/2018/11/9/why-am-i-tired-and-wired

#6 Eat

One pound of vegetables per day

AND… Dark Chocolate = YES!

But watch out, sugar and gluten increase cortisol levels.

#7 Relax

Get acupuncture! You knew I was going to say it. Acupuncture, regardless of what it is focused on, brings the body into a coherent state - meaning mind, heart and body come into resonance, organ systems harmonize, and the body heals. This is why it feels so relaxing and delicious. 

There is no denying that it is challenging to live in this world at this time. What I say to my patients all the time is that we are round beings trying to fit into a square world. Literally. Time lines, traffic lanes, square calendars... cubicles. These are life sucking realities that we face everyday, yet wonder why we always feel a little ‘off’. Not to mention relationship, health, racial, and financial stress.

Our bodies want to live in cycles. We are not only influenced, but governed by round celestial bodies -  like the sun and moon - orbiting. The tides are cyclical, the seasons spiral forward, water undulates. Our round eyeballs witness it all. We are built of round particles, creating molecules and cells that are anything but square. 

There is nothing about us, or nature that is linear or square. Yet our narrow slice of reality and the analytical mind keep us in the land of list and squares. If we medicate ourselves with self-love and self-care and using some of the tips above, we can set ourselves up for a longer, happier, healthier and more effective life. 

How Can I Improve My Sleep?

4 Tip Top Tips for A Better Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is one of the best things for our health. When we are down or feel like we are getting sick, a good night’s sleep can generally take care of things. In childhood, sleep is a time when the body does much of its growth and development. As adults this is when our body takes the time to repair, renew and recalibrate itself.  Sleep is brilliant and wholesome medicine. 

Growing up in a culture that has historically placed performance or production over taking care of ourselves, getting enough sleep is generally challenging for people. With all the things to get done in a day, sleep hours have shortened significantly. And this takes a serious toll on our health. What’s more, when we are stressed, we actually need more sleep to repair! 

Rest is the juiciest medicine there is…

Rest is the juiciest medicine there is…

We all know what dental hygiene means and have daily habits of brushing and flossing our teeth. We perform these without question, knowing we are doing what we need to do for best oral health. And especially if there is something specific going on with our teeth, like the discovery of a few cavities, we pay extra attention to our oral hygiene.

Similarly, there are habits that we can adopt around sleep to make sure our body gets the most benefit from our precious hours in bed. Backed by a lot of new research, sleep and the focus on getting the rest we need is becoming more hip, and our culture is changing because of it. So is our health. 

Here are a few tips to keep your sleep as deep and restful as possible. 

  • #1 Numero uno is No Screens! Taking your phone or computer to bed is equivalent to coating your teeth in chocolate before you cozy in for the night. The blue light, among other things, activates the brain and interferes with your natural day/night cycles. This has an immediate effect of too much stimulation before bed, but the long term effects are cumulative and damage the circuitry of the brain responsible for circadian rhythms, which are essential to our health and sanity. Stop using devices or watching shows at least 30 minutes before bedtime. If you use a kindle or iPad for reading in bed, set to grayscale screen. 

  • #2 Keep to familiar sleep hours. Go to bed and get out of bed at generally the same hours everyday. Allow your sleep hours to fluctuate a little with the seasons; keeping longer sleep hours in the winter, and shorter hours in the summer. Let daylight be your guide. 

  • #3 Don’t eat right before bed. The digestive energy of the body starts to wane around 7pm or 8pm, so it is generally best to not eat after this time. Food in the belly can interfere with the rest and repair that is essential at night. 

  • #4 Take note and pay attention to how it feels to be well rested. What do you feel like in the morning after a good night’s sleep? This reinforces the new healthy pattern within your symptoms. You can literally enhance it with your awareness. 

Reya Round 2 (33 of 35).jpg

Already have Sleep Troubles?

Here are a few extra things you can do if your sleep is disturbed in any way; if you have trouble falling asleep, you wake to frequently, or wake in the early hours and cannot get back to sleep.  

  • Calming Hand Practice - Start by holding the right thumb with the left hand, gently wrapping the fingers of the left hand around the right thumb. Hold there until you can feel a pulse in the thumb. Once felt, hold for 10 or so seconds. You can do this with both hands resting on your belly. Then move to the pointer finger of the right hand, feel pulse and hold.  Repeat with all fingers breathing gently. When finished with right hand switch sides and hold each finger of the left hand. This brings all the organ pulses of the body into resonance and switches your central nervous system to rest and digest. 

  • Yoga Nidra - A guided meditation to consciously relax the body can be listened to when you get into bed. If this is helpful, it is the only reason a phone or device is in the bedroom with you. 

  • Warm bath with lavender - 30 minutes to an hour before bed. Soak for at least 20min. (Not recommended if you have hot flashes or night-sweats.)

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Both interfere with the regular cycle of active and restive Qi moving through the body. This is important if you have trouble sleeping.

  • Breath - turn your attention to your breath, keep your attention on your inhale and exhale, continue and allow your body to relax. Place your hands on your belly and feel the rise and fall of the breath. 

Other things to note:

  • If you have a long history of sleep trouble... You are going to need to add to my suggestions above. And what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. I am happy to consult with you to create your perfect sleep hygiene rituals. 

  • Are you a nurse, pilot, truck drive, flight attendant?  If your occupation keeps you from getting regular sleep hours, I highly recommend you utilize acupuncture and East Asian Medicine to support your body through the toll that this takes. 

  • Sleep medications, although helpful in a pinch, do not take care of the root of your problem and your body starts to depend on them. 

  • Do you sleep well, but wake between 1am and 3am every night? Many of my patients report that they wake up at the same exact time, whether it is 1:45 or 3:10, it happens for them like clockwork. This is because our organ systems operate on a biological clock that generally works in unison with linear time. If there is an imbalance in an organ system, then we tend to have symptoms at the specific time of day that correlates to that organ. Early waking is usually a sign that there is something going on with the Qi of the Liver. In Western terms, this has to do with stress and the adrenal system. If you tend to wake up at this time in the am and especially if your mind turns on and starts creating lists of things you need to do, you may need to get your Liver Qi balanced. 

Just like dental hygiene, there are beneficial daily habits to adopt, and if there is some difficulty with sleep, a little extra attention is needed. Enjoy adopting your sleep hygiene habits and let me know if you have any questions