medicine to match your brilliance


Brilliant Medicine sees and treats us as whole beings with deep and intricate relationships to our environment.

Brilliant Medicine sees and treats our symptoms and health problems with a recognition of them as complex responses to shifts in these relationships. 

Brilliant Medicine enhances our awareness of our body and the natural world, therefore increasing our intelligence.

We are intricately connected to the seasons, the cosmos, to each other. We are our body, we are our mind, and we are our spirit; we cannot treat one with out effecting the other.
— Reya

It is my privilege to tap into your body's natural intelligence and create the best possible circumstance for healing. Practical, actual, scientific, mystical, authentic, healing—it’s Medicine that matches your brilliance. It's Brilliant Medicine!

Reya is a skilled practitioner of acupuncture and an effective herbalist. Her guidance has been crucial to me in learning to; live with less stress, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and get off pharma! Reya has literally opened the door for me to a new life of improved health, positive thinking and health self-empowerment.
— W.P, Seattle, WA