One-on-one, or group setting, to learn the skills necessary for self-treatment or for helping treat others. Book early—classes fill quickly!


ReSpire Breath Work:

specific breath practices that helps us bypass the analytical brain and move into our deep knowing centers for a Brilliant journey of self-discovery and vision. This event offers the space and guidance to embark on this inner journey. Bring yoga mat, pillows, blankets, and anything else to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

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Grounded and Confident:

Each class is rooted in a different theme regarding Chinese medicine, food therapy, health and healing, movement and exercise, and practical spirituality. The name Grounded and Confident speaks to our connection to the intelligence of the body and to the brilliance of the Spirit that allows us to move through the world, make choices, do our work and thrive with a deep confidence.

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Cupping Instructional:

Everybody loves cupping! This instructional is a party for anyone interested in learning a Brilliant and effortless ancient technique to release tension and reduce pain in muscle tissue and fascia of the body. This class teaches couples, individuals, and body workers to utilize cupping for very effective outcomes for self and others.  I will share the philosophy behind the therapy and help you establish your own relationship with cupping. Wear comfy clothes, come as you are, and bring your friends!

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I left behind a growing dependence on western pharmaceuticals and began to take control of my health. This is due, in large part, to Reya, and the science and art of healing that is a natural extension of who she is—an expression of her mind and heart.
— W.P. Seattle WA