I am Reya Born; Acupuncturist, master herbalist, author, food-grower, game-changer, way-shower, visionary and Earth advocate.

  • Master’s Degree: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Nationally Certified Master Herbalist

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Health Ecology

I am passionate about offering a Medicine that matches your Brilliance. These bodies are unique and amazing, they are designed to heal. I consider it an honor and a privilege to use what has been passed down to me, to tap into your body’s natural intelligence, and create the best possible circumstances for healing, adjustment, and right course. 

20 years ago, I chose to study Chinese or East Asian Medicine because of practicality. I yearned for hands-on medicine, a technology that could transforms states of disease into improved states of being.

Brilliant Medicine is how I honor the lineage and teachings that have been passed on to me. I do not treat symptoms or diagnosis, I treat people. I treat my patients as whole and complex beings. This medicine works deeper then symptoms, shifting things at the root, creating sustainable changes for health and well-being. Brilliant Medicine is a practical and sophisticated medicine that removes the obstacles thwarting our biological intelligence and our body’s desire to heal.

I am a nature girl whose up-bringing and education gave me the skills and knowledge to carry this medicine forward. At an early age I learned that I was a part of a greater network of life. I developed a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of that which grew from the land—huckleberry, cedar, sword fern, and that which passed through—water, coyote, bear. These visceral feelings of where things come from and ultimately where they go still beats through the fabric of my being.

As we all are, I was born belonging to this Earth, I simply chose to remember. As a kid I was grounded, confident, and fierce. I played rough. I acted tough. I also talked to imaginary fairies and wore tutus while climbing trees. I do not see my childhood as idyllic, I remember it as a practical, hearty experience that created a cultural and ecological context for my life based on connection and relationship. It was medicine for my Soul. It was Brilliant Medicine.

A lifetime of study - science, math, and ecology, in addition to ritual and alchemy - led me to believe there was a connection between it all—I knew this in my bones. And as the interconnectedness became clear, the veil separating science and spirituality thinned to transparency, and the path I had chosen to become a doctor began to evolve. 

And I chose to dedicate my life to the study and practice of Earth based medicine.

Please send me a message, and let’s begin your journey to the most brilliant and healthy you!

You deserve it!

The science and art of healing is a natural extension of who Reya is. It is an expression of her mind and heart. Due to this relationship, my focus and dependence on western medicine has radically changed and I have taken control of my health.
— W.P, Seattle, WA