Acupuncture Treatment: $120

Combination Treatment: Acupuncture (Reya) and Organ Detox Massage (Debbie): $180 - click here for more information

Private Cupping Classes for couples, friends or professionals: $150


Please contact me directly for waitlist inquiry



Cash, check, all major credit and HSA cards accepted.

Forms for insurance re-imbursement provided upon request. 

elements of tREATMENT

Treatments are my way of applying my knowledge, passion, and skill to help heal your body naturally. Each Brilliant treatment you receive will consist of a combination of one or more of the following therapies. Together we will discuss possible therapies.


Evaluation and Diagnosis

In in order to precisely evaluate and diagnose you, I will assess your history, your symptoms, your pulse, your tongue, your abdomen, your channels, your body rhythms, your facial affect(Shen). Treatment directions and therapies are a response to this evaluation.



Our bodies have hundreds of acupuncture points on them. Each point has a different function or request for your body. Some increase digestion, some decrease pain, others open the lungs or stop cough, some clear phlegm, or relieve headaches. I'll insert very small, sterile disposable needles into selected points. Acupuncture with me is a comfortable and very relaxing experience.

See the articles below for more information on Acupuncture.


Chinese Herb Prescription:

A prescription based according to your complaints and diagnosis.

I create multiple-herb formulas that are custom designed for your system. Herbs come in raw, powdered, tincture or pill form. Herbal prescriptions are meant to correct an imbalance and therefore are not something you will become dependent on. For chronic issues, your formula willbe adjusted over time to match the shifts in your healing.


Channel Massage:

A technique that serves as a form of both diagnosis and treatment.

The channels or meridians run all over our body and the energy moving within their pathways can be blocked or deficient. The act of massaging the channels in relationship with their directionality of flow treats many ailments. I'll also teach you how treat yourself in this way to keep the medicine going!



A therapy consisting of glass or silicon cups placed on your skin.

The glass creates a suction with flame or pressure and the cups are moved over areas of the body. This is a very relaxing experience where you feel the tension literally being pulled out of your tissue. 

Additionally, I can teach this to you so you can perform cupping on yourself and your loved ones!



The burning of the mugwort herb. 

The heat from the herb is used to gently warm acupuncture points and make specific healing requests of your body. This is a very effective treatment for situations where warming is indicated, or for children who do not want to be needled. Moxa is another great home therapy that I can teach you to do on yourself!


Acupuncture 101

Her approach is so gentle and so effective. She is definitely my favorite go-to professional for any health care concerns.
— GH Seattle