Consultations can be stand alone medicine or work in harmony with your treatments, and can be done from a distance or in person. Please connect with me to get more information and let's set up your own personalized consultation.


Herbal Medicine Consultation

Let Nature be your Medicine.

Herbal Consultations consist of assessment, diagnosis and the prescribing of high end custom fit Herbal medicine for you and what your body needs to make the appropriate preventative or curative shifts. Please send me a message to get started with your herbal prescription!

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Food Therapy Consultation

Our food is our Medicine.

Whether you are looking for specific healing or you simply want to feel your best, my nutritional therapeutics and dietary recommendation can help you get the results you desire.

I use food therapy to recommend enhancements to your already healthy lifestyle, and I use food therapy as a complete overhaul on how and what you eat. Connect with me to develop a system custom designed for you, your needs, and your desired level of participation.

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Movement and Exercise Consultation

Movement is Medicine. Often our habitual patterns of holding ourselves or our way of moving get in the way of our healing. Movement and exercise consultations range from postural advice to doable daily movement practices. Consultations and advice respond directly to your needs and your desires.

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articles on consultation services

My doctor was very impressed (as was I) when blood tests showed that Reya’s Chinese herb formula healed my H. pylori infection without the use of antibiotics.
— WP Seattle