What Is The Body Intelligence Project?


Body Intelligence Project is a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed treatment.

2 experienced practitioners + 2 ancient modalities =

1 vital/healthy/ready YOU 

With over 40 years combined experience in East Asian and Western Medicine, Reya and Debbie now offer this beautifully crafted treatment. They put all of their hands-on experience and intelligence together into one potent package - providing you with the best possible outcome.

“It’s such a GRACEFUL combination of two beautiful PRACTITIONERS sharing their synchronized expertise. I felt heard, cared for and transformed.”
— Receiver of BIP


Our vital energy comes from our CENTER. Our digestive organs break down our food into the energy our body needs to heal, function, move, repair, think, and not only live, but truly feel alive.  

Just as we must be able to digest our food to extract nourishment from it, the same is true of our experiences and emotions.  If we don't fully 'digest' negative emotions and experiences, we can get stuck living in cycles of regret, stress, fear, resentment, and worry.  Being stuck in these cycles exhausts our energy reserves, leaving us feeling fatigued, heavy, unmotivated. 

When our digestive CENTER is in good health, we experience...

    •    elevated moods •    deep sleep  •    less food sensitivities •    no allergies •    clear skin •    healthy nails and hair •    less illness and infection •    feeling great after eating •    appropriate appetite •    minimal cravings •    regular and complete bowel movements •    release of pounds •    healthy sex drive •    more energy!

This year, with Body Intelligence Project, you can transform your stress, just like you transform your food, into vitality and a sense of well-being.  You can live your life and do your work in the world feeling CENTERED from the core of your body's intelligence.



What if I am self-conscious of my belly and don’t like it being touched?

Then you are in good company!  Many of us are self-conscious of our bellies because of all of the negative messages we have received from our culture and our society.  And, it is perfectly normal to be protective of our bellies and feel vulnerable when they are exposed.  We store negative emotions in our bellies and this is precisely why it is important to have tension released from this area.

Reya and Debbie have both worked with people of all shapes, sizes, colors and conditions.  We will treat your belly and your whole being with the utmost respect and sensitivity.  We will co-create with you an experience where you feel safe, honored and nurtured and one that we hope will leave you with a greater capacity to love and accept all parts of yourself.  And we promise that you will feel differently about your belly after BIP.

How will I benefit from this treatment or this series?

Chi Ne Tsang and Acupuncture will release tension and help to transform negative emotions so that your energy and vitality are liberated.  This increased energy flow can improve digestion and elimination, create an experience of more balanced emotions and a greater sense of connection to and comfort in your body. The treatments allow your awareness to drop down from your head to rest in your heart and belly connecting you to your source of power and vitality. You heal from the CENTER outward, setting yourself up for a successful and vital year. 

Why is it called “Body Intelligence Project? 

Through BIP, Reya and Debbie utilize the ancient, time-tested treatments of Chi Ne Tsang, organ detox massage, with Acupuncture to release blocked, congested energy, and transform stress, tension and negative emotions. This unique combination of therapies creates a deep healing by cleansing your system, releases what we call “the interference” that keeps us from hearing our body’s own intelligence and guidance.  There is so much intelligence in our gut. Science is now catching up to the ancient knowledge about the gut brain, and the neurology in our Center that effects all other systems. Do you ever have a gut feeling? This is the intelligence of your body coming through. 

What are people saying about BIP?

Many of our participants experience clear shifts in their health directly related to the Body Intelligence Series (Triple Treatment). But even one combination treatment can be very effective. 

”The Body Intelligence Project was a delicious journey back home to my core. Truly home. I felt immediate trust with Reya and Debbie to drop deep into myself and redirect my focus, decisions and perception from outward-to-inward to inward-to-outward orientation, which increased my presence and confidence and ease. I became even more intimate with myself, my relationships and the world because of BIP's invitation to slow down and savor the precious moments.”

“Through the Body Intelligence Project, I learned that my home is in my gut. And to honor, respect and celebrate its natural rhythms and needs. Thank you both for this transformational in-sperience.”