Breath as Medicine


Here is an invitation to you…

Breathe a little deeper a little more often.

The simple act of deepening the already automatic breath is of immense benefit for our health. Even a little amount of stress increases the tension we hold in our bodies, and this tension causes our breath to become more shallow. But we need oxygen for our health, for energy, for our brain to function, for everything our body is designed to do. Over time, we begin to operate with less oxygen and this takes a toll on our health and well-being. 
The answer is simple. Just breathe.

The antedote is conscious and consistent deepening of the breath. 

Because I often notice that I am holding my breath, I like to use these daily occurrences and clues to remind me to breathe.

When I get in my car. When I turn my car off. When I am at a red light. When I put a key in a door. When I hear a ticking clock. When I am waiting for an elevator or in line at the bank. When my phone makes a sound. When I fill a glass of water. When I take a seat.

Instead of checking your phone.


There are so many opportunities to remember. 
What would you put on your list?

A really powerful move is to take a 5-20 minute portion of the day, to sit and breathe consciously. I set a timer for this. And take nice deep, relaxed, non-effortful breaths into my abdomen. I utilize the whole time to connect with my body as a breathing apparatus - designed to harness energy from my environment and transform it into utilizable vitality.

Studies show that deep, mindful breathing lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, deepens rejuvenating sleep, increases happy chemicals in the brain, calms the nervous system, promotes digestion and a balanced metabolism, clears the lungs and brightens the senses. Nasal breathing can massage the sinuses open, and sending breath to painful areas of the body increases healing.

All this at the tip of your nose.